1. Welcome

    أهلا وسهلا بكم في روّاد الأفضلية للأجهزة الطبية

    Welcome to Pioneers Preference for Medical Devices

  2. What We Offer

    • Diagnostic Medical Equipment for ICU, ER, OR
    • Disposable & Accessories Products
    • Emergency Respiratory Care devices
    • Examination and Surgical Gloves
    • Mobile transport and storage solutions for healthcare
    • Rehabilitation Equipment & Wheelchairs
    • Storage & Transport Equipment
  3. من نحن؟

    رؤية رواد الأفضلية هي تحسين نوعية حياة المريض من خلال العمل عن كثب مع شركات عالمية في ساحة الرعايةالصحية والطبية لتقديم التقنيات المبتكرة في سوق الأجهزة والوازم الطبية.

    اقرأ المزيد

About Pioneers Preference

  1. Values

    Our reputation is simply based on integrity and honesty with our clients, suppliers, and employees. We appreciate our partners by marketing their products and creating new markets to foster sales growth.

    We also appreciate our clients by ensuring accurate and timely delivery. Our objective is to create a wide base of clients, not customers.

  2. Providing medical devices and supplies to hospitals

    Pioneers Preference provides medical devices and supplies to hospitals, pharmacies, and medical institutions within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is committed to delivering on time, on cost, and with the highest quality products and service.

  3. Improving Lives of Patients

    Pioneers Preference carries medical supplies from the world leaders of medical supplies manufacturers. Our business strategy is to improve the lives of patients by widening our portfolio in order to provide cost-effective and innovative technology-based healthcare services to the Saudi market.

  4. Exceptional customer service

    Pioneers Preference success can only be achieved with close collaboration with clients and suppliers. We are firm believers that success is achieved by providing exceptional customer service satisfaction.

Our Mission

  • Pioneers Preference mission is to improve the patient’s quality of life by working closely with world leaders in the medical healthcare arena to introduce and market innovative technologies in the medical devices and supplies fields.



Mobile transport and storage solutions

DST Inc.

Diagnostic Medical Equipments


Storage and transport equipments


The world leader in controlled ventilation solutions


Provider of medical supplies and accessories

Foshan Wheelchair

Manufacturer of rehabilitation equipments

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